Sports Nutrition Genetic Test

“To make a safe and effective sports practice according to our goals, it is essential to bring to our body the type, the amount and the proper proportion of nutrients so that there is a correct balance between energy assimilation and its consumption.”

Because we are different physical and genetically, because is not the same to practice sport in a team than individually, because is not the same a power/speed sport than an endurance one, because is not the same do physical activity at the morning or at the evening, because we like different food flavors and textures,  because we metabolise and assimilate nutrients differently, for all these reasons and others “because”, we should customize our diet in orther the energy input would be optimal.

Research in the field of sports nutrition has shown that nutrients not only function as “gasoline” if not serving so that our body have the maximum performance in every condition and has no problems of accumulation of toxic or foreign products. In addition, also has been noted in professional athletes that an adequate supply of nutrients reduce the risk of injury.

At SM Genomics we believe that customization of diet is essential to obtain an energy input suitable according to fundamental parameters such as anthropometric, sport, dietary and genetic information. For this reason we have developed the Sports Nutrition Genetic Test (SNGT), genetic analysis that explores 24 genetic changes (polymorphisms or SNPs) related to:

Metabolic capacity
Gluten & Lactose intolerance
Sensitivity to caffeine and salt
Vitamins & Omega 3 needs
Antioxidant capacity

Benefits: optimal nutrition, performance increase and better health

Know in advance the energy needs of our body depending on our anthropometry, physical activity, diet and genetics, allows to act on the following aspects:

Diet personalisation
Vitamins/Nutrients supplementation
Reduction of fat/toxic products accumulation
Optimum energy input

Genes analysed in the SNGT


Purchase, saliva collection and results

Start the buying process by contacting us.
Collection Kit Shipment
Once we receive payment confirmation we send the Collection Kit the indicated address.
Saliva sample collection
You must follow the instructions detailed on the inside of the Kit cover.
Kit pick-up
Contact the transport agency directly or write to customer@smgenomics.com to pick up the kit with your saliva sample.
Genetic analysis
Once we receive your saliva sample, we will proceed to the genetic analysis. You must complete the sports questionnaire from your intranet sesión.
Results and Recommendations
In 3-4 weeks you will be able to download the report with the results and recommendations from your intranet sesión.

Collection Kit content

Our genetic tests are performed using saliva sample. SM Genomics has designed its own Collection Kit that contains:

Sterile Swab
Ideal for safe and easy removal of saliva through buccal rubbing. It contains stabilizer liquid that keeps DNA for 60 days at room temperature. Cap with thread for a better seal. See video.
Informed Consent
In order to perform any of pur genetic tests it is mandatory to return us the Informed Consent completed and signed.
ID Code Labels
Labels that must be adhered to the saliva collection tube and consent sheet to ensure correct traceability.
Plastic bag for biological samples
Special bag for the transport of biological samples such as saliva.

User Instructions