Sports Medicine Genomics

In December 2013, Rosa and Oriol founded Sports Medicine Genomics. However, the project of applying genetics to sports medicine had begun five years earlier, in 2009, when Ricard Pruna, MD, of the first team of the F.C. Barcelona requested to do his doctoral thesis in the Department of Human Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine of Barcelona, where Rosa worked as a post-doc researcher and professor.

Rosa then became the director of the thesis of Dr. Pruna that aimed to find the relationship between the genetic component and non-contact injuries in muscles, ligaments and tendons. After years of research with professional athletes, Rosa and Ricard obtained the results that today are the basis of our Sports Injury Genetic Test. These results won the XV National Prize for Research in Sports Medicine and were published in international journals of high impact in sports medicine.

It was in 2013, after Ricard thesis defense, when Rosa and Oriol decided to continue with this exciting and such a great future project creating SM Genomics, considered Spin-Off of the University of Barcelona. From 2014 we are located in the Barcelona Science Park, ideal incubator for Biomedical and Biotechnological projects and we are authorized as a laboratory by the Departament de Salut de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

“To improve athlete’s health and performance, whether professional or amateur, through the application of genetics in three fundamental areas such as reducing injury risk, nutrition / supplementation and physical activity orientation.”

The Sports Medicine Genomics team is made up of passionate sports professionals and molecular biologists who blindly believe in the usefulness of genetic knowledge for the improvement of sports practice, whether to improve performance or simply general health. It is our purpose to reach the entire sporting community, professional and amateur, the latest advances in the application of genetics in sport.

Rosa Artells

R&D Director

PhD in Biology and a professor at the University of Barcelona, she is the responsible researcher with Dr. Ricard Pruna of the scientific studies that relate certain genetic changes and the predisposition to suffer non-contact injuries. These studies carried out in professional athletes and published in international scientific journals are the basis of our Sports Injuries Genetic Test.

Rosa, specialist in genetics and molecular biology techniques, is a founding partner of SM Genomics and the manager of laboratory procedures as well as R&D projects.

Oriol rodona CC

Oriol Llampayas

General Manager

Oriol obtained his bachelor degree in Biology and worked as a pre-doc researcher at the CSIC-ICCC. In the last ten years, Oriol has focused his career towards Marketing and Business Development in the Life Science and Medical Device sectors. MBA and master in Pharmaceutical Marketing, his enthusiasm for undertaking a professional project of his own that combines his two areas of knowledge has made him embark on the exciting project of applying genetics to the world of sports.

Oriol, is a founding partner of SM Genomics and the person in charge of the business area. He was a roller hockey player for 24 years, is passionate about sports such as tennis or football and is discovering cycling.

Jan color 2

Jan Segura

Physical Trainer 

Graduated in CAFE by the Tecnocampus University School – UPF, he is currently studying the Master’s Degree in Readaptation to Physical Activity and Sports Competition at the UdG. Physical trainer of the senior EBA of Jac Sants and collaborator of B-swim, responsible for the adapted swim team of the CN. Mataró, has prepared one of its members for the Paralympic Games of Rio ’16.

Personal trainer and physical trainer at the Marsi Salut i Esport clinic in Mataró, he is passionate about team sports, especially basketball.

Ariadna Magriñá

Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist

Graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics by the Rovira i Virgili University. Postgraduate in Nutrition and Dietetics Applied to Physical Activity and Sport (CODINUCAT). Postgraduate in Supplements, Ergonomics and Pharmacology in Sport (IINSS-IINCD). Certification in Physiology, Training and Sports Nutrition (IINSS-IINCD). Currently expanding the studies that relate genetics with sports and nutrition to give a better nutritional advice to all athletes.

She is passionate about her profession and the combination of her studies with being an athlete allows to work in a more complete and integral way. Dietitian-Nutritionist in medical centers, SM Genomics and basketball player.

Alexis Herráiz

Physical Trainer-Readapter

Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences from the INEFC Barcelona. Check Your Motion Specialist Certification L2. Postgraduate in Prevention and Physical-Sports Readaptation – Isabel I. University Mapping Training System (MTS), Neuroscience and Biomechanics applied to Physical-Sports Readaptation.

The combination of Strength and Neuroscience training applied to Physical Preparation and Physical-Sports Readaptation gives me a holistic understanding with the objective of optimizing neurophysiological adaptations to training, increasing athletic performance thanks to strength training, applied in the field of injury prevention and health.

Lover of sports and health, passionate about the brain and human movement. Physical trainer and Readaptador in various gyms and clinics, SM Genomics.

Foto Rodona Andrea

Andrea Martinelli

Business Development

Sr. Executive and Business Angel with extensive international and business development experience in the industrial and healthcare sectors. Andrea has led business through growth, development, acquisitions, integrations, divestitures, transformation and restructuring. Since 2016 she supports the development of the life science entrepreneurship ecosystem, investing, mentoring and advising start-ups.

Andrea holds a Master in Business by Boston University and is a master black belt in Six Sigma and Lean. She is passionate about sports, languages, literature and wine.

Foto Matteo bona 2

Matteo Viganò

Post-doc Researcher

PhD in Biology by the University of Milano-Bicocca, he is passionate about cooking. At the end of his post-doctoral experience in Barcelona, he decided to reorient his professional career with the aim of reconciling science and nutrition. The scientific knowledge acquired as a researcher joined to the masters courses in Dietetics and Human Nutrition and Sports Nutrition make of their professional profile a bridge between science, nutrition and sport.

Matteo, is a researcher and scientific advisor on sports nutrition at SM Genomics.

ankle sprain

Juan Álvarez de Lara

Business Advisor

Juan is a founding partner of Seed&Click and a professor in the ESADE business school. He has a degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Barcelona and a master’s degree in International Business and Corporate Finance.

Young professional with extensive experience in entrepreneurship advises us in the creation of value and business development.