ankle sprain

Sports Injury Genetic Test

Informs about your predisposition to suffer sports injuries and guides in recovery times.
Know in advance our injury genetic profile allow us to act in a preventive way and reduce the injury risk improving our performance and global health.

Sports Nutrition Genetic Test

Informs about body energy needs according to our genetics, physical activity and anthropometry.
Sport practice requires an extra contribution of energy. Take into account individual physical paremeters, sports practiced, its intensity and our metabolic and nutrients assimilation capacity is essential to achieve an optimal input of energy that will allow us to get maximum performance and be healthier.

Premium Genetic Test

Genetic study in which are analysed the genetic changes included in the Sports Injury Genetic Test and the Sports Nutrition Genetic Test.
Customization of sports medicine is essential in order to practice a safe and healthy physical activity that allow us to achieve maximum performance. Because we all are different inside and out, small details in the diet or in our physical training can lead us to obtain better marks and avoid injuries. Nutrition and injuries are closely related. An adequate supply of nutrients according sports practice reduce injury risk. Likewise, a personalised physical activity will allow us to consume the energy needed by preventing its accumulation in the form of fat.
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