Genetics applied to sports

Discover your nutrition and injury genetic profile and get greater benefits from you physical activity


Assess your predisposition to suffer sports injuries and recovery times.
The understanding of our injury genetic profile allows us to act in ways to prevent injury improving our performance and general health. The SIGT helps us to:
Personalise workload & intensity
Reinforce tissue and weak areas
Assess recovery time
Required vitamins/nutrients supplements


Assess the energy required by your body according to your genetics, physical activity and anthropometry.
The practice of any sport requires an extra energy intake. To achieve the optimal balance between energy intake, health and maximum performance, it is essential to take into account our individual physical parameters, sports practiced, their intensity, our metabolic and nutrients assimilation rates. Our SNGT analyses:
Metabolic capacity
Gluten & Lactose intolerance
Sensitivity to caffeine and salt
Need of Vitamins & Omega 3
Antioxidant capacity


Genetic study that combines the genetic variations included in the Sports Injury Genetic Test and the Sports Nutrition Genetic Test.
The customisation of sports medicine is essential for a safe and healthy physical activity and allows us to achieve maximum performance. Because we are all different inside and out, small details in the diet or in our physical training can lead us to better marks and to avoiding injuries. Nutrition and injuries are closely related. An adequate supply of nutrients according to the sports we practice can reduce the risk of injury. Likewise, a personalised physical activity will guide us to consume the exact energy required and prevent its accumulation in the form of fat.

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Why know your genes?


How many times have we heard or commented on an athlete, “this guy has a special genetics“? Without having a deep knowledge about the term “genetics”, we know that there is something that makes us different from others. At present, genetic studies are used in so-called Personalised Medicine, considered by many experts the evolution of traditional medicine and the future of it. Medical specialties such as Oncology, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Rare Diseases, Dermatology, etc., use genetic information for the benefit of their patients improving their quality of life and health.

“The Sports Medicine and with this the athletes can not stay away from such advances in the field of molecular biology that allow to improve the personalisation of physical activity and nutrition, providing the athlete a better general health and optimal performance.”

Developed by our specialists in genetics and sports medicine, based on our own research started in 2009, used in professional sport and protected by patent, our genetic tests offer you objective and reliable information in two fundamental areas in all sports: injury prevention and nutrition.

“In Sports Medicine Genomics we are pioneers and experts in analysing and interpreting the genetic component and its relation to the sport so that professionals or amateurs regardless of the type of sport that they practice obtain the greater benefit of it and improve its performance.”

Although recent studies raise the genetic influence on athletic ability to 50% and describe more than 240 genetic variations related to sports qualities such as speed, strength, endurance and predisposition to injury, it is important to note that not everything is in the genes. We are as we are, with our qualities and defects by the sum of the genetic component and the influence of the “environment”. Parameters such as nutrition, climate, load training and competition, sports equipment, lifestyle, and so on, play a relevant role alongside genetics in our sports performance and health. That is why we recommend that genetic results should be taken into account with other external variables by sports specialists who guide you to a safe and appropriate sport practice according to your characteristics and objectives.

Comprehensive Service

Genetic Analysis
Collection Kit
(Collection and Shipping)
Results and Recommendations

Collection Kit content

Our genetic tests are performed using saliva sample. SM Genomics has designed its own Collection Kit that contains:

Sterile Swab
Ideal for safe and easy removal of saliva through buccal swab. It contains stabilizer liquid that keeps DNA for 60 days at room temperature. Cap with thread for a better seal. See video.
Informed Consent
In order to perform our genetic tests it is mandatory that you return the Informed Consent completed and signed.
ID Code Labels
Labels must be adhered to the saliva collection tube and consent sheet to ensure correct traceability.
Plastic bag for biological samples
Special bag for the transport of biological samples such as saliva.

In the inner face of the Collector Kit box you will find the detailed steps to perform a correct extraction of saliva sample and for sending your sample to our laboratory. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.


Research is part of our DNA and the way to improve the
application of genetics to the one thing we are passionate about: Sport.


Ángel Bigas José Luís EsponeraJoan Aureli CadefauEdgar EnrichIsaac GuerreroRicardo Diéguez
"Thanks to the study of SM Genomics, carried out on two athletes, young 17 and 50 years old, I was able to check the effectiveness of the genetic test. In one case, we were able to check the genetic predisposition to muscular injuries. We are treating the patient with mineral supplements and muscle rehabilitation exercises."
Ángel Bigas
Sports Medicine Specialist
“I was very surprised to see that the results of the test carried out in SM Genomics to evaluate my degree of injury, described with such precision the injuries that I usually suffer in sports. I believe that in my case the diagnosis was most accurate. But perhaps what I valued most of the report that they gave me, were the final recommendations. The way in which it was necessary to carry out the warm up before the practice of the sport, the recommendations on the most suitable sports and those that are less as well as the food supplements that are convenient (amino acids, vitamins, so on.)"
José Luís Esponera
Amateur athlete
“Personalisation of training is an unquestionable fact in the world of sport, but the answer to questions of how a training program affects one or the other person is still unresolved. Possibly new technologies, including the application of genomics will be of great help in personalising training programs, not only for elite athletes, but also for the evaluation of exercise prescription in disease prevention or maintenance of the health. So as in other scientific fields, not to mention "Sportgenomics", as a tool to be used in the design of physical activity programs or individualised training." The collaboration with SM Genomics will allow us to find out what genetic profiles are related to a more or less rapid muscle recovery in relation to different training protocols, in order to implement adequate muscular work, avoiding muscular overload and a lower incidence of injuries."
Joan Aureli Cadefau
INEFC-UB Researcher
“The genetic test that SM Genomics has created and designed certainly offers sports professionals (physical trainers, sports medicine specialists, physiotherapists, rehabilitators, trainers, ...) valuable information about the player's real state at the genetic level and his predisposition to injury. The results obtained in the reports of this simple genetic test, help us to design the training programs that we will carry out with our athletes in a more optimal way and to establish more effectively the different loads and work tasks that are more suitable to each case. We should not wait for our players to get injured so we can study the motives and regret what happened ... let's move on to prevent them from breaking! "
Edgar Enrich
High Performance Trainer
"The influence of the genome on the injury index of our athletes is more than proven. Once again, science gives us an opportunity to have preventive protocols and reduce the downtime of the players, coming in this case to the principle of individualization of prophylactic protocols, adapted to each of the physiological realities of our players . Without a doubt, the test of injury of SM Genomics, has become a great ally of all those that we have in charge sports teams. What would a Coach say if they offered him an infallible scouting service that would facilitate rival behavior with a high degree of reliability? What would a Sports Director do if he found a test that would confirm if a player would adapt efficiently to the team? What answer would a director give to the possibility of investing without risk in an athlete? Obviously they would say yes. Under this principle of control and prevention, SM Genomics offers us a very interesting alternative to fight against this, our great enemy; Injuries and their impact on the individual and collective performance of our sports projects, reducing in a more remarkable way the degree of randomness of the same. "
Isaac Guerrero
Sports Science Specialist - Football
"To thank SM Genomics and his entire team for having designed a genetic test, very simple to perform (only a sample of saliva) and a great value in the results. That to coaches like me, has helped them a lot, to optimize and individualize the trainings. It is necessary scientific work teams, like this one, to help coaches become much more professional and more objective and not rely so much on intuition and subjectivity. The results obtained, has helped me to orient the training and adapt it to the genetic determinants of my athletes."
Ricardo Diéguez
Speed athletics National Trainer (CAR Sant Cugat)

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